Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kitabu changu Jifunze Kuongea Kiingereza - Sarufi sasa kinapatikana Amazon. Kujifunza sarufi za lugha yeyote ile hakuna mwisho ila inakuongezea ufahamu wa kuongea lugha hiyo kwa ufasaha na kujiamini. Nimetumia miaka zaidi ya mitano kuandika kitabu hiki na nimejifunza mambo mengi sana nilipokua nafanya utafiti wa mambo mbalimbali katika kukamilisha kitabu hiki. Nimejitahidi sana kuandika mambo hayo kwa ufupi na kutoa mifano mingi kuliko maelezo ili kufanya msomaji aweze kuelewa zaidi. 

Katika kitabu hizi nimegusa mambo yote kuanzia familia za maneno, vibainishi, viwakilishi, ujenzi wa sentensi, vituo vya uandishi na mambo mengine mengi ambayo yatakusaidia kuweza kuwasiliana katika lugha ya Kiingereza bila kuwa na makosa mengi. Jipatie kitabu hiki ujifunze Kiingereza kwa gharama ndogo sana, kwa muda wako na nyumbani kwako.

Start Early To Teach Kids To Give Back

It's very important to teach kids to give back. The sooner you start to introduce the idea the better. The children who know what it means or why the need to give back, they became more grateful and hardly turned to be "give me" kids. 

There are s many ways you can introduce this idea to your kids but here are the few. 

1. Donate your stuffs

When the kids see you donate your stuffs, they will understand and learn from very young age. Have them help you to sort clothing or things around the house that you don't use or won't use them anymore.

2. Share their stuffs

Let your kids choose the toys or books they don't use anymore. Even if they come up with nothing let them donate one book or one toy only with the agreement of getting a reward. Do not push them if they do not want to part with their toys yet. 

3. Make a donation basket

Each time you go shopping make sure to buy something and put on a basket. When the basket is full take it with your kids to the homeless shelter, your local food pantry or to a neighbor you know they are really struggling. But make sure you have talked to the neighbor prior to bringing your stuffs. 

4. Volunteer

Take your kids to volunteer at the local soup kitchen, local food pantry and other places that will teach or show your child the gratitude of the life she/he has and the importance of helping those who are less fortune.

5.Help neighbors
If you can do anything for your neighbor such as removing the garbage, shoveling the snow to an elder neighbor is a nice way to show your kids the importance of helping others

6. Make birthdays charitable
Set up birthday parties as a time for giving to others. Talk to your child about those who are less fortune. Ask your class teacher to ask the students to donate books (used or new) to donate to hospitals, inner city kids etc. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jifunze Kuongea Kiingereza - Mwanzo 2nd Edition

Kitabu changu cha kujifunza kuongea Kiingereza - Mwanzo toleo la pili kinapatikana sasa hivi Amazon. Pamoja na kusafisha makosa yaliyojitokeza katika toleo la kwanza pia nimeongeza sura mbili ambazo niliona ni muhimu watu wanaojifunza Kiingereza kujifunza. 

Jipatie kitabu hiki ujifunze Kiingereza kwa muda wako na wakati wako.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jipende - Siri ya Urembo

Jipende: Siri ya Urembo (Swahili Edition)

Kitabu changu cha kwanza kuandika kwa kiswahili sasa kinapatikana online utakipata hapa hapa utakipata hapa utakipata hapa hapa 

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Piga Siasa Mchana Jioni Jipende

Jiandae kununua kitabu changu kipya kitakachokuja mwezi ujao. Jipende ni kitabu kipya cha mambo mbalimbali ya urembo. Kitabu hiki kitawasaidia watu wengi kugundua na kujua siri za urembo bila kuingia gharama nyingi. Unaweza kufikia malengo yako ya urembo bila kuingia gharama nyingi au bila kuingia katika mlango wa saloon yeyote.

Kila mwanamke anahitaji kujiona na kujisikia kuwa yeye ni mrembo. Urembo unaongeza kujiamini. Unapojiamini unafungua milango mingi sana. Unaweza ukawa na elimu lakini ukashindwa kufanya vizuri kwenye interview ya kazi unayoitaka kwavile hujiamini. Kila mwanamke anastahili kujiamini. 

Miaka kumi ya kusikiliza na kujifunza kutoka kwa watu waliosomea katika tasnia hii ya urembo. Kila nikienda saloon ya kutengeneza na kutunza nywele wakati nikiwa na natural hair au nimeweka chemicals kwenye nywele zangu au saloon za kutunza ngozi, na watu walionisaindia kupunguza usito baada ya kujifungua. Nimekua nikiuliza maswali mengi na kuandika chini majibu niliyokua ninapewa. 

Mambo mengi ni baada ya trials and misses nyingi sana lakini baada ya muda fulani nimegundua kua nimepunguza sana safari  na muda niliokua ninatumia kwenda kwenye hizi saloons. Hivyo hela nyingi inabakia kwenye pochi yangu...

Hiki kitabu nimekiandika kwa malengo ya kuwafikia wanawake ila sio vibaya kwa wanaume kuwanunulia wale wapendao. Ni zawadi bora sana itakayowasaidia kupunguza gharama za matumizi ya kwenda kununua urembo. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toto Shine Magazine Apple Store App Downoad

Toto Shine Magazine is a children magazine written and illustrated by children age 6-14.

For submissions email at

To read the magazine download the app here

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swahili Mom's Cookie Jar Book is Now Available

From Swahili Mom’s Kitchen,  a collection of more than 10 years of timeless classic cookies and yummy bars from around the world that are very taste and so easy to make.  Get the book, preheat the oven and soon you will be living your fantasy.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Kids in The Swahili Mom Kitchen Book is now available!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to be doing this book. If you cook you can create your own recipes. Just because an ingredient is included in the recipe, you must use it. You can omit an ingredient all together or easily find a substitute or add other ingredients to make whatever you cook more healthy and appropriate for your kids.

My book KIDS IN THE SWAHILI MOM KITCHEN inspired by my daughter is now here. I had to chop down pictures so that many more people can afford it this book. That is not to say any recipe or information original included have been omitted...Noooo but some pictures that would have put this book way expensive have been removed. 

These recipes have been modified or twirk by me to make them a little more healthier. Some recipes have been passed down our family but still I had to change some of the ingredients to make them more healthier. These recipes are easy to follow and with a little supervision in the kitchen many kids can prepare many yummy goodies from as a snack or for any occasion. 

I'm not a professional chef or anything like that but I studied nutrition and cookery so I know a thing or two about healthy and nutrition eating. How to help your kids to eat things they like or most likely to eat and still maintaining the healthy daily diet advised by your pediatrician or have you found a good food that you would like to try but when you read the recipe you might recognize just two or three items in the whole ingredient list? I know what is like to be in that situation. In this book I have used the ingredients that are familiar and are easily available in many local supermarkets or your local farmers markets. Also I have included a list of substitutes that I have tried them for myself in all of my recipes and couldn't notice a difference. 

Make this book your kid's only learn how to cook book or just make fun in the kitchen with a very picky eater, either way the recipes are not boring and the foods are yummy.

A person's a person, no matter how small ~ Dr Seuss

Today is Dr Seuss's birthday and Read Across America day. It's a day that focuses on the need to install a love of reading in children. A study found that children who don't read proficiently by 4th grade are 4 times likelier to drop out of school. 

I love love Dr Seuss''s children books. He made children literature to be so amazing.  His books are so interesting and fun to read. My daughter is hooked on them. 

To me I wasn't so lucky to read many of his books when growing up. I grew up in Tanzania and getting a good children book over there it is like mining gold. Children are very forgotten when it comes to children's literature. Very few children book writers, very few bookstores will care to import children books and when you find them they are very expensive. So very few parents will even think of buying children books if they are not text books required by their schools. 

I do remember the first time I came across Dr Seuss's book was from one of our American neighbors. Their child had many children books and one of the book was The Cat in a hat. I always wanted to go to their house just to read this book. I read it over and over and over again. When they went for vacation they brought me two more of  Dr Seuss's book because they knew I liked the Cat in a Hat so much. They gave me the Green Eggs and Ham and the Lorax. I read those books over and over and over again. Actually they were the only children books I had though my dad had a home library full of books. 

Before I even had my daughter I had a book shelf full of Dr Seuss's books and other children books. I knew the thirsty of reading I had when growing up but I couldn't not find many children books to read. I have been reading to my children these books even before she was born. She is now reading them by herself and loves them too. They are her first choice of reading every time she wants to read a book. I guess they helped my her too to recognize many words since very early on. 

If you haven't introduced them to your children you should. They are very funny, easy to read and very entertaining. You will never get bored when reading to your kids too. The early shared reading is both fun and rewarding. 

Friday, February 06, 2015

Jinsi ya Kuchapisha Kitabu Peke Yako (Self Publishing) Part II

Jinsi ya kuandika na kuchapisha kitabu
1. Ghostwriter
Kama unafikria kuandika kitabu lakini huna muda wa kuandika kitabu hicho au unajua jambo fulani au hadithi fulani lakini kuandika sio kitu unachopendelea kuna watu au makampuni mengi yanayofanya kazi hiyo (ghostwriters). Ila ni ghali sana. Hivyo kama unataka unaweza kuwapata

2. Copy editing and Proofreading
Kama umeshaandika kitabu hivyo unachohitaji ni watu wa kukisahihisha kitabu chako. 
 a) Editor wa kuangalia makosa ya maneno tu. Ingawaje kuna spell checking lakini kumbuka kuna maneno yanafanana hata artificial intelligence haiwezi kuyagundua mfano unataka kuandika mad lakini ukaandika mud. Mtu akisoma ndio ataelewa umekosea. 

b) Editor wa kuangalia grammar mistakes. Ukweli ni kuwa always a second set of eyes is very important katika kuandika kitabu. Hata kama unaandika kitabu kwa lugha ya kiswahili ni muhimu sana kupata mtu wa kufanyia hii kazi. 

c) Editor ambao wanakubadilishia maneno katika habari yako ili ilete maana zaidi kwa wasomaji au ipendeze.  Sasa hao watu ni muhimu pia kuwatumia lakini inategemea na kitabu unachoandika.