Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swahili Mom's Cookie Jar Book is Now Available

From Swahili Mom’s Kitchen,  a collection of more than 10 years of timeless classic cookies and yummy bars from around the world that are very taste and so easy to make.  Get the book, preheat the oven and soon you will be living your fantasy.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Kids in The Swahili Mom Kitchen Book is now available!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to be doing this book. If you cook you can create your own recipes. Just because an ingredient is included in the recipe, you must use it. You can omit an ingredient all together or easily find a substitute or add other ingredients to make whatever you cook more healthy and appropriate for your kids.

My book KIDS IN THE SWAHILI MOM KITCHEN inspired by my daughter is now here. I had to chop down pictures so that many more people can afford it this book. That is not to say any recipe or information original included have been omitted...Noooo but some pictures that would have put this book way expensive have been removed. 

These recipes have been modified or twirk by me to make them a little more healthier. Some recipes have been passed down our family but still I had to change some of the ingredients to make them more healthier. These recipes are easy to follow and with a little supervision in the kitchen many kids can prepare many yummy goodies from as a snack or for any occasion. 

I'm not a professional chef or anything like that but I studied nutrition and cookery so I know a thing or two about healthy and nutrition eating. How to help your kids to eat things they like or most likely to eat and still maintaining the healthy daily diet advised by your pediatrician or have you found a good food that you would like to try but when you read the recipe you might recognize just two or three items in the whole ingredient list? I know what is like to be in that situation. In this book I have used the ingredients that are familiar and are easily available in many local supermarkets or your local farmers markets. Also I have included a list of substitutes that I have tried them for myself in all of my recipes and couldn't notice a difference. 

Make this book your kid's only learn how to cook book or just make fun in the kitchen with a very picky eater, either way the recipes are not boring and the foods are yummy.

A person's a person, no matter how small ~ Dr Seuss

Today is Dr Seuss's birthday and Read Across America day. It's a day that focuses on the need to install a love of reading in children. A study found that children who don't read proficiently by 4th grade are 4 times likelier to drop out of school. 

I love love Dr Seuss''s children books. He made children literature to be so amazing.  His books are so interesting and fun to read. My daughter is hooked on them. 

To me I wasn't so lucky to read many of his books when growing up. I grew up in Tanzania and getting a good children book over there it is like mining gold. Children are very forgotten when it comes to children's literature. Very few children book writers, very few bookstores will care to import children books and when you find them they are very expensive. So very few parents will even think of buying children books if they are not text books required by their schools. 

I do remember the first time I came across Dr Seuss's book was from one of our American neighbors. Their child had many children books and one of the book was The Cat in a hat. I always wanted to go to their house just to read this book. I read it over and over and over again. When they went for vacation they brought me two more of  Dr Seuss's book because they knew I liked the Cat in a Hat so much. They gave me the Green Eggs and Ham and the Lorax. I read those books over and over and over again. Actually they were the only children books I had though my dad had a home library full of books. 

Before I even had my daughter I had a book shelf full of Dr Seuss's books and other children books. I knew the thirsty of reading I had when growing up but I couldn't not find many children books to read. I have been reading to my children these books even before she was born. She is now reading them by herself and loves them too. They are her first choice of reading every time she wants to read a book. I guess they helped my her too to recognize many words since very early on. 

If you haven't introduced them to your children you should. They are very funny, easy to read and very entertaining. You will never get bored when reading to your kids too. The early shared reading is both fun and rewarding. 

Friday, February 06, 2015

Jinsi ya Kuchapisha Kitabu Peke Yako (Self Publishing) Part II

Jinsi ya kuandika na kuchapisha kitabu
1. Ghostwriter
Kama unafikria kuandika kitabu lakini huna muda wa kuandika kitabu hicho au unajua jambo fulani au hadithi fulani lakini kuandika sio kitu unachopendelea kuna watu au makampuni mengi yanayofanya kazi hiyo (ghostwriters). Ila ni ghali sana. Hivyo kama unataka unaweza kuwapata

2. Copy editing and Proofreading
Kama umeshaandika kitabu hivyo unachohitaji ni watu wa kukisahihisha kitabu chako. 
 a) Editor wa kuangalia makosa ya maneno tu. Ingawaje kuna spell checking lakini kumbuka kuna maneno yanafanana hata artificial intelligence haiwezi kuyagundua mfano unataka kuandika mad lakini ukaandika mud. Mtu akisoma ndio ataelewa umekosea. 

b) Editor wa kuangalia grammar mistakes. Ukweli ni kuwa always a second set of eyes is very important katika kuandika kitabu. Hata kama unaandika kitabu kwa lugha ya kiswahili ni muhimu sana kupata mtu wa kufanyia hii kazi. 

c) Editor ambao wanakubadilishia maneno katika habari yako ili ilete maana zaidi kwa wasomaji au ipendeze.  Sasa hao watu ni muhimu pia kuwatumia lakini inategemea na kitabu unachoandika. 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Jinsi ya Kuchapisha Kitabu Peke Yako (Self Publishing) Part 1

Baadhi ya watu wameniomba niandike jinsi ya mtu atakavyoweza kuchapicha kitabu peke yake (Self Publishing). Zipo njia nyingi lakini hivi ndio jinsi nilivyoweza kuchapisha vitabu vyangu vyote mpaka sasa hivi. 

Mpaka sasa hivi ninavyoandika hii post nimeshachapisha vitabu vitatu (3) (Modern Swahili, Swahili For Teens My First Book of Swahili Words) na vingine vinne (4) ambavyo ni (Kids in the Swahili Mom Kitchen, #SwahiliMom Kitchen, East Africa Cook Book Jifunze Kiingereza) vinakuja hivi karibuni kwa kutumia njia hii hii. 

Kabla sijaendela zaidi nataka ufahamu haya:-
1. Kama unataka kuandika kitabu ukifikiria utapata hela ya haraka haraka au kuwa tajiri overnight ni heri ukaacha kuendelea kusoma maelekezo yangu kwasababu utakua unapoteza muda wako tu. Kwangu mimi writing and now publishing is just a hobby. Nimeshaandika vitabu vingi sana ila sikufikiria kabisa kama kuna siku ningeweza kuchapisha hata kitabu changu kimoja. Nikiwa mdogo nakumbuka baba yangu (RIP) aliandika kitabu na alihangaika sana kutafuta publisher na hakufanikiwa kupata wa kuchapisha. Thanks God sasa hivi self publishing imeweza kurahisisha mambo na kuondoa ukiritimba uliopo katika hii industry. 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ditch the sugar, keep the flavor! Sweet Potato Latte

You will be surprised by how many ways you can be creative in your kitchen to eat less or to avoid eating sugar all together in your everyday diet. There is no physiological need for any of us to eat refined sugars. We're hardwired to desire sweet foods meanwhile in a recent article in the British Medical Journal, sugar was described "as dangerous as tobacco". 

Sugar is empty calories, it adds to total calories, but provide no vitamins or minerals. It doesn't give you anything beneficial in your body. Eating less sugar is about preserving your health. I don't say you should omit sugar all together, keep your sugar life in moderation. Reducing its role in your life can benefit you and your loved ones.

My book Kids in the Swahili Mom Kitchen is coming soon. In this book you will find many recipes that I have created or modified to make them more healthy for your kids to enjoy like the Sweet potato latte, so tasty that you won't miss the sugar in this drink at all. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My First Book of Swahili Words - Just in Time for Christmas with Swahili Diaspora's Children in Mind

A first word book that helps children develop essential vocabulary. The book is especially for Swahili speaking countries Diaspora children. How do you say hello in Swahili? Explore the pages of this Swahili English word dictionary to learn new words and phrases. Big words that make learning Swahili easy for children.

Published by

Available now at Amazon book store My First Book of Swahili Words

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

This Month Book Giveaway Are Here

The books are here just in time for tomorrow's Giveaway 10 lucky winners 

Modern Swahili 
Swahili For Teens 

Good luck everyone!